Welcome to Keenan South Africa

Diet Feeders from Keenan produce an advanced optimal physical mix of feed that's been proven to increase yield, quality & greater returns from your herd. See how!

Keenan is one of the worlds leading feed technology companies. It combines innovative engineering through its range of Mech-fiber® mixer wagons with PACE technology and physical nutrition expertise to deliver unrivalled on-farm results.

Mech-fiber® Keenan have data on over 1,000,000 cows, from 9,800 farms, in 25 different countries representing the worlds largest field database on dairy herd feed efficiency. One years results on farms using Keenan Mech-fiber® technology shows a consistent 10% improvement in feed efficiency - with increased daily yields of 1.79 litres of milk from 0.32 kilos less feed.

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